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Best in class organizations have discovered the formula for creating their competitive advantage.  They have adopted a discipline called Organizational Project Management (OPM).  The OPM3® Standard defines it as "the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to organizational activities and project, program and portfolio activities to achieve the aims of an organization through projects."  Simply put, it is finding the right rigor and discipline of organizational project management to apply to your organization to make it successful.  There is no "one size fits all" approach here - the fit must be tailored to your organization.  If you want to hear more about this competitive edge and how it might be implemented in your organization, please contact us.

Organizational Change Management


You have worked for months - only to have your project delayed or never implemented. Learn to break through resistance, and increase influence for successful project completion. Our methodology is designed for project managers wanting to overcome resistance, and achieve buy-in from stakeholders. Since change has become the one constant in today's business environment, the seasoned project manager must be able to apply change concepts and strategies to their project. Our methodology examines the various stages of individual and organizational change, as well as models for effectively managing individual and organizational change in your project.

Project Management Training

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PMO Set-up & Optimization

At the highest levels of an organization, a PMO can force organizational alignment and execution of organization strategy.  A less rigorous PMO can simply provide the structure needed to standardize project management practices and facilitating project, portfolio & program management.


PMOs can be used to determine and enforce the methodologies that will create repeatable processes. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act may also be a factor in decisions regarding PMO set-up, as it requires companies to disclose investments (such as large projects) that may affect an organization's operating performance.


Many sources within the project management community view the PMO as a strategic driver for organizational excellence since they can aid in execution management, organizational governance and leadership in strategic organizational change.  PMOs can also save organizations money by enabling better resource management, reducing project failures and supporting those projects that offer the biggest payback.



     PMOs can be categorized based on their span of control:


  - Enterprise

This PMO structure implements its functions and services across a broad spectrum of an organization.  Usually this PMO is organization wide, hence the title Enterprise.


  - Organizational

As the name implies, this PMO is structured to serve a single organization or department.  Many organizations have PMOs in their IT departments.


  - Strategic

This PMO structure usually has a span of control that encompasses most of the enterprise or perhaps the departments that drive strategy, such as corporate marketing in a product oriented organization.  The key to this structure is the PMO may actually work with the organization to define the strategy, but is accountable for driving and aligning the work of the organization to the strategy.


Within the above structures there can be additional functions provided by the PMO. These may include: standardized reporting, resource allocation, maintaining a resource pool of project managers and, of course, standardization of the project, program, and portfolio processes.


We have the skills and experience to help you determine your PMO objectives, structure, and functions.  More importantly, we can help you build PMO performance metrics that demonstrate the business value your PMO provides.  Regardless of whether you are starting a new PMO, maturing an existing PMO or moving into a new PMO structure, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.




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